Magnús Elvar Jónsson
Graphic Design

UI design

Here are examples of interfaces I designed while employed by Gagarin. I designed the interfaces, did illustrations and worked on the stories for these exhibits.

The villages around Folgefonna: People and landscape

An installation that is a part of the Visitor Centre at the Folgefonna National Park, located in Rosendal, Norway. An interactive table where vistiors can browse through historical highlights of the Folgefonna peninsula. By turning the rim of the table, visitors can travel back and/or forth in time trough a three dimensional landscape of the Folgefonna area. A variety of images and information appear on top of a landscape - highlighting key events in the history of the human settlement and the evolution of the municipality.

By turning the rim of the table, visitors can interact with the display by moving forward or backwards through time. Photo: 

Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg gets information about the installation from professor Anders Lundberg. Photo:


Human Rights Defenders

An installation that is a part of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Defenders Exhibit highlights the remarkable achievements of a selection of Canadian personalities who are fighting actively against human rights abuses. Visitors are taken on a journey to learn about each Defender’s childhood, the events that shaped their, beliefs and continue to drive them to be active in fields as diverse as child labour, women’s rights and environmental justice.

The stories can be accessed through touchscreens, which allow visitors to easily and intuitively interact with the multimedia content. Copyright Canadian Museum for Human Rights, 2014. Photography: Ian McCausland/CMHR.

The Defenders: The exhibit aims to inspire visitors to seek further information or take action related to those issues that they feel are important to them. Copyright Canadian Museum for Human Rights, 2014.

One of many storyboards made for the project (mockup-content for design purposes only).

Storyboard sketches from the Project



An installation that is a part in the Eldheimar interactive volcano exhibition in Vestmannaeyjar islands, Iceland.  The property outlines of several houses that were lost under the ash are projected onto a large sandbox. With the aid of small shovels, visitors are invited to dig into the sand. This action alludes to a search for lost memories. As visitors dig deeper, an illustration of the house will emerge. If they continue this will be followed by a photo from the original house owner.

When the user reaches the sand there is a map projected on it.

After digging a bit there are drawings of houses and their names.

The user keeps digging up information about the houses that went under.

When you reach the bottom the projected drawings change to photos.


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