Magnús Elvar Jónsson
Graphic Design

Videos and Posters

I designed the layout and graphics of the videos below. Here you can also see examples of print materials like posters and flyers.

Promo ad: App to boost your creativity

Gagarin made a free mobile/pad application to help creative thinkers become more creative! Just pick the level of how creative you want to be and the Create-O-Mat will generate something that will solve all your problems, or at least provoke your thoughts.

The Create-O-Mat application will generate three words, forming a compound word that is supposed to be used in order to change the creative process. This will create a new discourse that can be applied to your design problem or can be a leverage towards improving your already thought-of idea.

The purpose of these kinds of exercises is to broaden the thinking space by limiting it.

Read all about it here and download the application

The Missing Conversation Project

This is a concept for a platform where conversations can be petitioned. Themain purpose of the project is to get people to simply talk together aboutwhatever inspires them or they see as important, without being guided orstopped by a third party. 

Screenshots from the concept video

Sketches of people done for the concept video.

XL Poster & Intro type

Type sketches for the poster and film intro.

One of the semi final posters

The final poster

Above are the first sketches of the poster and on the side is the invitation for the premiere.

Examples of type used in the film's intro sequence.

Using Format